Eco Furniture- The best UK brands for environmentally sourced furniture

So whilst embarking on this journey to become Eco Friendly and chemical free I have found out that the furniture we have in our homes can be the largest soucre of VOC’s. The throw away fast furniture culture has taken hold but its time to start investing in good quality pieces that we ‘love’ rather than we ‘like’ so these are investment pieces to last that will last. These items are not only not good for the environment (think about how long they last and where they end up) but these items are the most likely to contain the nasty chemicals that are making us ill!

So I thought i would do some research into the best furniture brands, that are Uk based, who create furniture that will not only be our forever home items but are created using less chemicals!

The first brand is the natural bed company- based in Sheffield they source their wood from sustainable sources and manufacture in their workshop in Sheffield. I absolutely love their style and the finish they produce. My favourite piece is the four poster bed with an upholstered headboard, I have always dreamed of having a four poster bed but have been put off my the comfort of it so this is the perfect design solution. I also love they use natural fabrics like wool which are also very sustainable! They have also extended their range to include accessories!

So simple but oh so stylish! I love the mixture of rustic wood materials and the industrial metals, both of which have been treated with natural waxes to reduce the chemicals used! Built to last the company which are based in Bristol hand make all of their, using sustainably sourced materials and they will even plant a tree with every order made with the One Tree Planted scheme!

Only set up in 2017 Wearth London have partnered with over 150 brands to make it a one stop shop for all things Eco friendly. Although they only have a small range of furniture, I’m sure this will grow. They have some great pieces, a particular favourite of mine in the granary bench! With its rustic charm it will make any space feel more homely! They also have a great range of accessories so definately worth having a browse!

Making sofa’s since 1981 three generations of the family run business have worked to create a brand that has embarked on the challenge to make Eco friendly, sustainable sofa’s. Based in South wales all of their pieces are made by hand. They ensure all the wood comes from sustainable sources and will make bespoke pieces in any fabric. Working in the Interior design industry I know it can be difficult to keep chemicals low in fabrics due to the need for them to be fire retardant but with the option to choose natural fabrics such as Wool ( which is inherently FR it is possible to reduce the chemicals!

Trying to make our homes more sustainable can feel overwhelming and challenging but I hope this gives you a good start. I genuinely love these brands and love what they are trying to achieve, hopefully more companies can follow!

If you know of any other brands that also manufacture in the UK and have sustainability at their heart then get in touch – I would love to hear about them!

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