Carpet- The best types of carpet to buy to reduce the chemicals in your home

Carpet plays a huge role in our home, it adds warmth, comfort and can make or break a stylish home. But it can also be contributing to the chemicals in your home and not just in the short term either! There are 3 areas to consider when your buying carpet, firstly the fibres (the part you actually see) secondly the backing and lastly is the adhesive. A combination of the synthetic fibres, backing and adhesive full of chemicals carpets can be releasing VOC’s into your home for up to 3 years after you had it fitted!

So firstly, what are the synthetic chemical used for fibres- the most commonly known and used products are Nylon and polyester, polypropylene. These are man made fibres made from plastics, chemicals and petrol. These fibres are also more likely to collect and trap dust, on top of the normal culprits in dust or skin and hair, these dust particals can also trap, you guessed it, VOC’s. When they ducts partial settle on your carpet they are holding onto those nasty chemical adding to the air pollution within your home, and worst still, its not just the VOCs from your carpet they will be trapping. they can be trapping them from other sources of your home. Making synthetic carpets and hotspot for the pesky chemicals.

Then there is the carpet backing, also made from those man made materials which will add to the VOC’s being released into your home.

Top tips to buying carpets:

  • Clean regularly to help reduce the build up of particles – dust can store voc’s so can build up and keep releasing over time.​
  • Get a natural fibre carpet and a carpet with natural backing (ideally wool)​
  • Use a solvent free adhesive when laying the carpet- ask they use as little as possible.​
  • Air out carpet – ideally outside if you can or open windows to allow the chemicals to leave.

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