The lounge

The Lounge- as previously stated this was our first room we worked on and the room which required the most external help. So the previous owner had an extension built onto the house at the rear which she used as a work place meaning it had separate access. The access internally meant walking through the kitchen. We wanted to use the extension space as a dining room and to be able to connect to the garden so we had a builder come and remove the window and wall below and to also plaster the walls as they had artex on the walls and ceiling of the lounge side.

Below are the plans to show you the layout, on the left it show the before with the window and on the right is without the window.

In terms of colour schemes I wanted to keep it light and airy as we don’t get a huge amount of natural light into the space but I picked two walls that I wanted to do in a contrasting colour. My fiance bought the house before we met so had bought some things in the lounge like curtains and furniture so I had to work around this. He loves music so the main ‘feature’ of the room is a Chemical brothers poster with orange and teal so i picked these out and paired it with navy blue ( Dulux – Heritage -Midnight teal) Initially there was more of the orange and teal but i have slowly pulled that back incorporating more blacks and creams for the accessories. I have also brought in my favourite accessories- PLANTS!!!! I love how plants bring a space to life with lots of different natural shade and textures. I think at the last count we had 15 but I keep adding more all the time.

As I mentioned the colour scheme evolves around the Chemical brothers poster but I have used a very light Greige (grey/beige) throughout and put in a light grey carpet (which i regret- I would rather hard flooring but I caved and went for carpet) In the dining end i put my foot down and have QA Flooring LVT down which I love, it adds texture and interest to the space and is really easy to maintain.

Opening the space has made it so much more usable and gives us a better connection to the outdoor space, our only regret (apart from the carpet) is not changing one of the windows into french doors as as you can tell by the plan we have to use the side porch to get outside.

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