House Plants – And why they are so important

We all love a few little plants around the home, and the trend to incorporate more is really taking off! But did you know our new little friends to look after can be benefiting us in multiple ways!? If you have seen the likes of Google, Etsy and Facebook using plants and living walls into their offices there is a reason why, not only do they look amazing! They help improve the quality of the air, help with mental health and even our physical health!

Etsy offices

And with initiatives like the WELL building challenge we will see more of these environments created within the workplace. But what about our homes, should we been buying more plants? Well the answer is YES!

Creating a calm Oasis:

Incorporating plants in the home can help create a calmer environment, with the hustle and bustle of life outside of our homes, its important to create places that bring us a sense of calm.

Health Benefits:

Incorporating plants can help improve your health in multiple ways; having plants can help improve the quality of the air within our homes by reducing the chemicals. Hospitals with views of the natural environment recorded reduced recovery rates from operations and keeping plants can help reduce blood pressure

Mental Health Benefits:

Plants kept within the built environment can help improve our mood and reduce stress levels. Having plants also gives us a sense of purpose, with something to look after, they give us something to focus on, to nurture and to enjoy!

Aesthetically pleasing:

And thankfully plants make our homes look beautiful, they add texture and colour. Personally I love how plants make my home look and in my opinion the more the better! From small succulents to dragon trees, all plants bring interest and create a wonderful natural atmosphere!

Facebook offices

The best types:

Before you run to your local garden centre, in terms of plants, as with any other home accessories, keep it personal! But the best for ‘cleaning’ the air and easy to look after are:

Dragon Trees

Aloe Vera

Snake Tongue

English Ivy

Spider Plants

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