Top five tips you must use to style your home plus bonus tip!

When it comes to styling your home there are a few things to keep in mind. The most interesting homes for me to visit are ones that tell a story, display interesting objects that reflect the story of the owners. It’s so easy to find yourself bulk buying objects to fill your home but these are often the items that go our of style very quickly. So when styling your home here are my top tips:

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1- KEEP IT PERSONAL – Finding art or the perfect ornament can be expensive if you want to keep your home ‘on trend’ but some of the best styled homes are ones where they have collected loved items over years. The have meaning and spark emotion for the home owner. We have a little tradition of finding something on every holiday we have been on which reminds us on our travels. Below is a print from San Francisco which we loved and holds a special place in our heart as it is where we got engaged. It cost about £30 and sits pride of place in our hallway, along with a tile from Crete and volcanic rock from Mount Etna. These items are unique to us and allow our home to tell our story.

A poster we got from San Francisco whilst on holiday there:

2- MIX OLD AND NEW- I love a good home ware shopping trip but some of my favourites pieces are handed down from my mum or grandma. Taking pride of place on my bar shelves are a set of cocktail glasses and champagne glasses which come out for special occasions. If you don’t have any items that have been handed down, charity shops can have some great pieces that are often replicated on the high street anyway, so support a charity, reduce the impact on the environment and grab yourself a bargain!

Champagne glasses from family

3- DON’T OVER DO IT – Be careful when buying into a particular trend not to overdo it because once it starts to go out you will want to be replacing the whole lot. It can also be loose the charm if you go overboard on one trend. If you really love a trend and feel it really reflects your personal style then try to invest in particular pieces that you know will last whilst also incorporating into other pieces that are maybe not ‘on trend’ any more but you still love. Remember at the end of the day this is your place that you want to enjoy! So make sure it really reflects you!

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4. GET CREATIVE – Set some time aside and have a little fun, you can get some great quality art supplies from lots of shops so even if it splashing some paint onto a canvas or modelling some clay, creating something unique for your home can be a great way to add some personal style.

5. KEEP IT SIMPLE – I know this is an age old saying but it really holds some value! if you don’t know what your personal style is yet or you don’t know how to put pieces together then there is nothing wrong with just keeping it simple! Leave spaces empty in your home if you have found the perfect piece for it, one day you will stumble across the perfect item and have just the space for it but for now either leave it bare or just add a plant.

*Cotton ECO-TWIST Plant Pots – Etsy


6. DON’T STRETCH YOURSELF – This point has a few benefits but mostly its for your purse! This is one of the most important points for me as it’s something I have seen more and more in recent years. It is important to be able to afford what you are buying! DO NOT get your self into debt to pay for a trend you have seen on Instagram or Pinterest! My rule I live by is if I don’t fall in love with it, or am able to pay for it outright comfortably then I shouldn’t buy it. If you have to put something on a credit card then think about how you will feel about the item when you come to pay it off, if you can’t remember it or still love it or even worse if you don’t even have the item anymore…IT IS NOT WORTH IT and DO NO BUY IT!

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