Top Tips for bedroom design

Making sure your bedroom is a place of rest is so important! Sleep is extremely important to our health both mental and physical, it enables the body to repair and research is showing lack of sleep can contribute to dementia.

Creating a bedroom should take careful consideration, it is important to make sure that you spend time picking out a colour scheme, furniture and accessories. Below are my 5 top tips to create the perfect sanctuary.

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  1. Declutter – Make sure you don’t fill your bedroom with lots of unnecessary furniture and accessories. It is important for your bedroom space to feel relaxing and there is nothing relaxing about clutter! My favourite way to declutter is using the Marie Kondo method by organising by category.
  2. Create a calm atmosphere – First and foremost your bedroom is a place to sleep and to make sure you get the best night sleep you need to make sure its in a calm atmosphere. You can do this by utilising lighting or getting a diffuser for your favourite essential oil such as this *Tisserand Total De-Stress Aroma Spa Diffuser & Oil
  3. Invest in a good bed – it is important to invest in a good bed and even more important to invest in a good mattress! It can make the world of difference when you are comfortable and a bad bed can ruin a good mattress so it is important to invest in both! A fantastic bed company is the Natural Bed Company for both a chemical free bed frame and mattress.
  4. Reduce chemicals – As I have spoken about before the amount chemicals in the home can be very high, through paint, carpets and furniture. Invest in paint with NO VOC’s such as Lakeland Paints and Little Knights Paint or a wool carpet from Natural flooring company
  5. Storage – Storage is important to keep on top of that clutter! In my opinion you can’t have too much storage. Laminate furniture is the highest contributor to chemicals in the home, so make sure if you can to use a solid wood such as pine, oak or walnut. Konk furniture are based in Bristol and manufacture solid wood furniture made from FSC approved timber from sustainable forests and finishing with a blend of natural oils and waxes. Or you can buy second hand and upcycle with some no VOC paint such as * Frenchic

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