Christmas dining table styling

So this is the first year being home on our own, usually we go to our parents, and our first year of making an effort to style the table. I have spoken about it on before in a previous post but, I really believe that the best-styled homes come from growing a collection of accessories over the years, that truly reflect your personality and not what is ‘trendy’. With that being said, this year was about making a start, with a list of the obvious essentials of a table cloth, some napkins and some crackers. And of course, I put it all together to photograph for you all!

Napkins: For some time I have wanted some good quality napkins and managed to find these ethically sourced ones from Wearth, I wanted something that would work for Christmas but would also be great all year round. They have a range of colours but I wanted the natural ones as they would be more versatile.

Table Cloth: Next was the table cloth, I would love to have invested in a more sustainably sourced table cloth but the bank balance wasn’t having any of it, so I settled for this organic cotton design from HM Home.

Crackers: They are a Christmas must-have but traditionally not good for the environment. Filled with plastic toys, which let’s face it no one wants, and are unable to be recycled, finding some eco friendly, plastic-free and recyclable became a challenge. The other thing to consider was finding one you could but individually or in packs of 2, so I was relieved to find these below for 66p each! and they are really great quality.

General Decoration: I went into the garden to get the twigs to add some height to the table and to display some baubles to give that extra festive touch. Paired with some Christmas candles and these cute little wooden stars I also managed to get, the rest are just decorations I collected over the years to add some sparkle to the table.

If you want some idea’s on other ways to decorate your table, below are some ideas. A great way to add some glamour to your Christmas table is by investing in some great glasses, these beautiful cocktail glasses from the Ethical superstore are made from recycled glass and can be bought as part of a range.

A great alternative for throw away crackers are these fabric crackers from * Wearth which double up as a napkin! You can fill them with personal gifts for everyone and even get name printed onto the napkins! I will definitely be making the investment next year into these!

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