2021 Interior Trends

Although I think it is important to develop your own interior style, it can be fun to get some inspiration from the current trends. You don’t have to absorb the trends in their entirety, in fact, I think it can be good to add your own personal twist onto it, but looking at what is trending can change your perspective and introduce new ideas. Below are some of the trends for 2021 that I’m loving the look of and some great websites you can get eco-friendly alternatives from.

  1. Rustic Vogue

I love this look a lot! I have always loved traditional homes and this trend really thrives in homes with interesting features. A mixture of modern home comforts and rustic features, it brings balance to our interiors, drawing on the imperfect features and celebrating them. If you live in a new build but love the more traditional features of period properties, don’t be afraid to add them in, or utilities the elements you can remove easily such as furniture and accessories.

*Ethical Superstore – A great recourse for all things eco, sustainable and fair trade but they also have a great selection of home where too.

2. Natural Elements

Another trend I’m loving right now is natural elements. Our internal need for connecting to nature is coming through in our interiors. Materials such as wood, wool, sisal, and concrete have been trending for a few years but this year we have the addition of limewash and roman clay. I love the raw texture of these and how they can add subtle texture and pattern to an interior. The natural earthy colours these textures and materials bring a calming effect to our space and in an age of busy lives, we all need a calm interior to come home to.

*Wearth London – Another great online shop for all things home where, skincare and fashion. This site has some great furniture as well as home accessories!


I’ve been championing using vintage well-made furniture for a while now but now it’s on-trend. There is so much furniture out there that has survived tens to hundreds of years and it such a shame for it to go to waste especially when so much furniture made now is designed to break! Finding some classic designs can also give your home design a unique edge, creating a space that sparks interest and conversation.

Etsy – A great website to support small business’s, there is a huge range of eco friendly products on Etsy ranging from rug, furniture and lighting!

4. The trend I wont be following

In terms of the Colour of the year trend, Yellow and Grey, I tend not to follow colour trends. Although I can find myself being drawn to different colours (usually at different times of the year) I think its important (unless you love it) to not invest too much into colours just because they are on-trend. Ultimately your home should reflect your personality and with the colours and style that you love. Following trends closely can mean your home goes out of style very quickly, which unless you love it, will just cause you to feel frustrated and wanting to change it again, both not good for the environment or your wallet.

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