So with the events of the last year, it has highlighted not only the convenience of having a home office but the importance of it being an enjoyable space to work in not only so your colleagues will be ‘green with envy’ but because of the amount of time we end up spending there.

I am fascinated by the effects our interior space can heave on our wellbeing and health and when it comes to the key part of our home it is important to know how the design can enhance our mood. Having connotations of nature, green can heal, relax and balance us. In the last year for many work has been more stressful than before, mixed with the external stress of a pandemic, using green can both energize us for the demands of work and sooth us to the stress of life. Not to mention it these dark green tones look slick and work really well with walnut wood tones.

 It is important to invest in a quality chair that will help keep a good posture to keep you at your best. Having spent the year working from the dining table, take it from me, investing in a quality chair is key! Herman Miller are leaders in creating comfort!

If you love the mid-century look and are keen to support British manufacturing, Konk Furniture is a fantastic brand with some brilliant style. Definitely an investment, but oh so worth it!

Not only is the colour important but the type of paint is important too! With an ever-increasing amount of VOC’s in our home, creating a space with as few chemicals as possible will be beneficial to our homework life. Victory paints are a great brand with a fantastic range of colours, created to be environmentally friendly and ultra-low VOC’s.

If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough office space, why not add a reading corner with this chair. It can be really beneficial to our productivity to move around and get a different perspective. I love this chair from Benchmark Furniture along with many other pieces from there, it oozes comfort whilst visually not taking up to much space.

I love hard flooring and use it wherever I can, this easy to fit, hard flooring is so versatile and can really enhance the design of your space. Remember to finish off with lots of soft furnishings though to absorb sounds as this flooring will create another hard surface for sound to bounce off. Opting for solid wood flooring from UK flooring direct means you can sand and re-stain if you need or want to change your look. 

For a while I have been looking for good quality curtains, bespoke made and also using eco-friendly materials, so I was thrilled when I came across Stitched. With a range of over 200 sustainably sourced fabrics, there will be plenty of choice for your hand made curtains.

Adding in touches of comfort will help keep your space feeling like home, whilst also adding to that sound absorption. This handmade throw is a Fairtrade product, another important consideration, and still an amazing price! *Ethical Superstore

Art work is so important to finishing off your home interior, it needs to reflect you but finish off an compliment the rest of your room design. This print works along so many designs and can also be bought on Eco friendly paper and using No VOC ink! – *Etsy

Creating a statement with lighting is a must! And this lighting fitting sure hits the spot. I love the use of wood to soften the cutting lights created by the design. – *Etsy


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