Venessa Hudgens

If you are looking to create a simple but elegant home, then this is the way to go. Going bold where you can like this bathroom, whilst keeping the lounge rooms light and airy with a gorgeous mixture of furniture. My favourite part of the design is the warmth brought in from the furniture such as the leather sofa and oak dining furniture whilst also creating drama with the black kitchen tiles.

I love the green used in this kitchen, which sets the tone for the natural theme, paired with the dark oak shelves. The accessories add charm to the space, layering up the different material such as glass, metal and wood.

Kitchen Links

1. Bowls *

2.Wire basket *

3.Lamp *

4. Paint

5. Tile

6.Vase *

7.Serving bowls *

8.Wine glasses *

For me the lounge feels like a great space that is perfect throughout the day. Mixing the crisp which walls with the warmth of the leather sofa and then bringing through the green from the kitchen.


  1. Sofa

2.Coffee table *

3.Side table *

4.Rug *

5.Photoframe *

6. Snail Paper weight *

7.Vase *

8. Posters *

9.Chairs *

10.Side table *

The bathroom is my favourite room in the house, I love the drama of the black walls whilst bringing through a texture from the plaster. I can picture myself in the bath, candle lit reading a book. The room is cleverly softened by the rug and and brass accents making it moody and cosy.


1.Mirror Balia *

2.Handwash bottle *

3.Candle stick *

4.Towels *

5.Rug *

Images from Architectural digest

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