The best wallpaper trends: 2022

For me, the new year often comes with getting on with giving the house a fresh look, so if you’re like me, you will already be planning your next project. Whether it’s just moving things around or embarking on a whole room redesign, starting out looking at what its trending can help you decide on what you want. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, make sure not to follow a trend just because it’s trending. Use the design trends to inspire you, but make sure you stay true to yourself; your home will look its best when it reflects you and your story. Make sure to check out my other blog posts for some more inspiration here.

With that being said, I have put together the wallpaper design trends that I’m currently loving. And of course, I have chosen wallpapers from Eco friendly and sustainable brands.

Pattern heavy:

Historical prints have always been strong, with brands such as Morris and Co recolouring prints from the past with contemporary colour, 2022 will see an increase of these designs featuring. From florals to animals there are hundreds to choose from, mixing the historical designs with modern furniture and accessories can bring character to any room. See how Shae Mcgee has paired this print with the pastel pint on the ceiling and the contemporary boucle chair; the room has character without looking dated.

Design: Studio Mcgee


I have been up and down with mural’s over the years, mainly due to the ‘feature wall’ trend I felt they become overused. Having worked on office interiors in the past, it became something that didn’t appeal to me. BUT, I do love the idea of bring it all the way around the room like this image below. For me it shouldn’t be an image, but a sketch like design or painting, going bold with the design will pay off.

Image source: Ali Brown Stylist

Chinoiserie Wallpaper:

Lastly we have chinoiserie wallpaper, the delicate designs often depicting animals or lush gardens, they offer a softer design feature. I love the hand painted design, paired with the architectural features such as coving which make it feel more of a bespoke design feature. If you’re worried about it looking too feminine, then pair with modern contrasting furniture in a bold fabric.


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