Here are the 2022 living room trends you need to know

1. Statement Lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your space, so it’s necessary to get it right. I love to incorporate a mixture of pendants and wall lights throughout the home, creating a statement with them can be fun! There are some incredible options out there, feature lighting doesn’t have to mean glitz chandeliers, you can use simple sculptural pieces using black and brass finishes.

2. Nature inspired surfaces and objects

I’m all here for the natural surfaces trend! Not only does it mean we will see more solid woods and natural fabrics used, it just looks beautiful. For myself, this look spark comfort as well as warmth. I love that the natural materials also brings texture, adding another dimension to our interiors.

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3. Venetian Plaster/Limewash

Again another way to bring subtle texture and organic pattern, the limewash trends is coming in strong in 2022. But it does more than look beautiful in our interior, it helps clean our interior air. I am very passionate about making our homes beautiful, sustainable, and better for our health!

4. Up and coming art work

Art is such an intimate addition to our home, it is a great way to show your personality. Move over mass made posters, it’s time to celebrate up and coming artists! Try going to your local college and universities and check out the end of year shows, art is a great way to make your home special, whilst also helping out artist who are trying to make it.

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5. Travel inspired interiors

We have taken inspiration for our interiors from travelling for centuries. An essential trend for individual home interiors, nothing makes your home more personal than incorporating elements of design that come from the place you have visited. The Victorians were famous for their travel style, filling their homes with curios objects to show off. Whether it’s taking on a style in its entirety, or accessioning your home with ornaments from various places, travel interiors can help your home stand out from the crowd.

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6. Mixing materials and design styles

From Traditional mixed with modern to Lux Country, pairing together styles is trending this year. Gone are the times when you picked one style for your home, it is time to start mixing and matching the elements to find a combination that reflects you. Don’t be afraid to try new things out, remember your home interiors should reflect your personality, mixing in different textures, patterns and styles can be exciting so play around until you find your perfect match.

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