Victory Colours: Review

Victory colours are a British paint brand, that creates virtually VOC free, solvent-free, durable and quality paint. I first came across the brand about a year ago and have been waiting for an excuse to give them a try. I have used other paint brands in the past with varying results, so before embarking on a big project using them, I trailed them in our hallway.

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Our hallway before was a mint green colour from Dulux, due to the high traffic of the area the walls were looking a bit worse for wear, so it was time to freshen them up. I decided to try and colour match the colour I used in our living room and bedroom. Obviously, this was as close as I could with the Victory colour swatch, and I ordered samples to be sure. I wanted there to be more of a flow through the house so it was time to say goodbye to the green and the colour I chose was Teardrop No. 52 which is a very close match to what I already had. 

The paint itself is a thick consistency and goes on well, I used a roller and paintbrush and the paint went on really well with both. I needed 2 coats to cover the green but I did expect this, and it’s also good practice to give at least 2 coats for a consistent finish. Overall I am really happy with the finish and will use the brand again. Price-wise they are more expensive than high street brands, but given they are a small family-owned business and are made in Britain, I think they are priced well.

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