The best ways to add character to your home

Are you looking to add character to your home? Then below are my best tips to include. Adding character can vary from installing panelling to modern fireplaces, but ultimately it’s about making your home reflect you and your style. As long as your home reflects your personality and the design style that you love, it will stay timeless.


Using material materials is one of the best ways to add character, a great example is wood flooring. For me, nothing beats wood flooring, the natural pattern created by the wood grain and knots bring texture and character. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to put wood flooring in, then you can find some great reclaimed parquet flooring on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

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Panelling is a great way to add character, giving more architectural detail. There are loads of DIY home panelling projects, using various wood options such as MDF or pine mouldings, showing how easy it can be to create panelling at home. The brilliant part about using panelling is it’s a great alternative to wallpaper, but can also pair well with wallpaper if you want to utilise both.

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3.Feature focal point

Designing a focal centrepiece brings interest to a space, incorporating a fireplace or framing a great view, it’s the star of the show when people walk into the room. It captures the eye, drawing you in, so designing everything else around it will help to emphasise the feature. You can also make them multifunctional, fitting in storage to a fireplace can give you a display space or extra storage.

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4.Layering window dressings

Window dressings are a crucial feature in your home, they need to look aesthetic in addition to being functional. Layering up not only helps you change the light and glare in your interior, but it also adds interest and texture by layering up wooden shutters and soft linen curtains.

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Including vintage furniture is a great way to add character into your home, if you love the older Victorian/Georgian properties but are unable to buy a property of the age, then bringing in an old sideboard or wardrobe is a great way of making your home feel full of history. Buy vintage furniture also helps step your home away from everyone else’s, bringing in furniture that isn’t mass produced creates an individual space.

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Adding architectural details such as coving can be a great way of adding character and interest to your home. There are many different styles from ornate floral details to contemporary styles with LED lights included. Incorporating LED lights into your coving can also be a great way to create ambience , especially in lounges or bedrooms.

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