Celebrity style: How to create this look at home!

Adam levies 1930’s LA home that he shares with his wife and children is a homely setting filled with natural warm such as linen and natural woods. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with views of the ocean, the amazing Clements design worked to create a stripped back, natural colour palette to let the house show off the range of art from Adams collection.

The lounge is a really great space to use an inspiration, the design takes a large room and create smaller zones utilising furniture. The mixture of fabrics and colours brings interest whilst the neutral decor keeps the room feeling light and airy. The mixture of textures and tone adds warmth

*Chair :Buy here

side table: Buy here

*Floor Lamp: Buy Here

*Cushion: Buy here

Paint : Buy here

Sculpture: Buy here

Lounge area

Sofa : Buy here

Curtains: Buy here

*Coffee table : Buy here

Armchair- Buy here

*Plant pot – Buy here

Cushion – Buy here

Cushion 01 – Buy here

cushion 02 –Buy here

Rug: Buy here

Art: Buy here

The bedroom design is focused around the large print design, keeping the design simple to let the print sing. The calming neutral design creates a tranquil space to rest and sleep whilst also bringing in unique personality with the art work.

Bedside Table: Buy here

Bed – Buy here

Side Chair: Buy here

End of bed table : Buy here

*Rug: Buy here

Day Bed: Buy here

The design of the snug and bar area really focuses on creating a cosy space, with the slightly darker tones and the big comfortable sofa’s and chairs.

Paint – Buy here

Paint: Buy here

Sideboard: Buy here

Sofa : Buy here

*Tray: Buy here

Sofa: Buy here

Curtains: Buy here

Side chair: Buy here

Rug: Buy here

Coffee table: Buy here

Side chair: Buy here

Images from Architectural Digest

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