The best eco skin care products you need to use

Back at the beginning of 2020 I wanted to make an effort to make my skin care routine more eco friendly. I have tried lots of products in that time, and although I’m still trailing some, I wanted to share some of the best products I have come across so far.

Your skin is your best accessory, so take care of it.

Up circle:

Up circles has got to be one of my favourite finds, I love the product but I love the concept more! They take used ground coffee and recycle it into some amazing skin care products!! I love all of the products I have tried (which is most of them) but my absolute ride or die products are the body scrub and the face mask. My favourite part about the body scrub is how moisturising it is, I often find with a body scrub its more of a body wash with the scrub. This product is like an oil base moisturiser with a scrub so it leaves your skin feeling so soft!


Weleda is a classic skincare brand with a wide range of organic and natural products. My absolute skincare product is the skin food, it is so thick and nourishing. It has been amazing for my eczema on my hands, and when I have had really dry skin on my face I have used the light version. It is also a really great product for night time if you are having dry skin.


Faith In Nature

Faith in nature are a great brand that have so many products, they create everything from shampoo and conditioners, moisturisers to washing up liquids. The focus is on creating natural products that don’t harm the environment in the process and they have been leading the way since the 70’s. My favourite products from the are the coconut hand and body lotion, it’s the perfect consistency of being thick and nourishing whilst not taking forever to be absorbed. It leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing! My other absolute favourite is the hydrating coconut and shea hair mask.


Balade en provence

The Balade en Provence Night bar has been a surprising new favourite. I was a bit reluctant to use a moisturising bar but thought I’d give it a go with a night one to start. I have been pleasantly surprise with this, it makes your skin feel really nourished and it’s a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. The only small issue i have is that it is less easy to use during the spring/autumn months due to it needing to be warm to slightly ‘melt’ on your skin. If you’re looking at making the swap to plastic free though this is a fantastic place to start.


So these are my current favourite products that I am loving that are natural and sustainable. I am keen to keep trying more products as I love to play around with trying out different things. If you have any suggestions then please leave a comment below, I would love to hear them!

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