How to create a warm modern interior that reflects your style

Designing your home is a fun and exciting experience, but what if you’re unsure about how to make your home feel warm, cosy and inviting. I am a strong believer that your home should reflect you personal style, if that’s contemporary modern, traditional or country. Its important for you to love you home as it’s you who will spending the most time there. But if you have nailed your design or not, here are some tips to bring warmth into your home.

Your home should reflect you and your personality, but incorporating these tips will bring warmth and style.

The first thing to consider is your colour scheme, there are cool tones and warm tones on the scale. If you naturally lean towards cooler tones such as grey or blue, then bring in a warmer colour to accessories with. Your colour scheme doesn’t have to be all about the warmer tones, just bring in accents and it will help. Bringing in accent colours can be easily achieved by adding in throw cushion, styling your shelves with pops of colour or bringing in artwork in warming accents.

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Wood finishes such as oak or walnut are a great way to bring warmth, if you have a wood floor or have some wooden furniture, then opt for a warmer stain finish. Adding wood can help you feel more connected with nature, as well which can also bring comfort to your home.

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And lastly utilising natural finishes to accessories with such as wool or linen can help soften your design. These natural finishes will help your home feel cosy and warm, and they are also really trendy right now. With the last few years and an increased level of stress in our daily lives, it’s important for your home to now only be a reflection of your style and personality, but to also be a calm oasis for you to recharge. Adding in natural materials and encouraging a connection to nature can help create a calm environment.

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So, if you are looking at creating a beautiful interior for your home, your key areas are the colour scheme, incorporating wood finishes and utilising natural finishes. If you add these in you’re are sure to create a warm and inviting home, that will be the perfect setting to recharge for your busy life. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @eliselashley if you use these tips in your home! I would love to see what you create!

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A minimal kitchen in oak and terrazzo

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