My Spring Styling Favourites You Need To Know

Spring is my favourite time of the year, I love how it feels like the world is coming back to life. With all of the flowers and blossoms making an appearance, it always inspires me to make some changes inside too. A tip I picked up from my Mum, was to swap your accessories seasonally, always keeping your home feeling new and fresh, without having to redesign your house completely.

At the moment I’m loving lots of textured finishes such as rattan or linen, these At the moment, I’m loving lots of textured natural finishes such as rattan or linen, these lamps shades are an easy way to add some interest to your room which would look great on your stairs or above a dining table. If you’re worried about using lots of colour in your home, then a great way to bring it in is to use fun accessories such as this handmade cake stand, its unique design will help make your home feel designer.

  1. Flower Market Print – Etsy* 2. Moss Stitch Cotton Throw – Nkuku* 3. Bamboo Light shade – Etsy* 4.Green Leaf Cake Stand – Etsy* 5. Small Lilac People Planter – Wearth* 6. Mustard Linen Cushion – Wearth* 7. Zareen Floral Cushion – Wearth* 8. Star Spoon – Nkuku* 9. Salt Lamp – Wearth*

Another easy way to bring in pattern and texture is through cushion covers, try mixing 3 different styles and shapes to give your home that designer feel. Add in seasonal colours that will compliment your room. Art is also a great way to bring in some seasonal colours into your home, there are some fantastic small businesses on Etsy that have some unique prints, these will add pattern and colour whilst keeping your home full of interest.

Bring in texture and patterns with accessories such as crockery, they can be great to display making them great duel purpose accessories. Feature furniture is a great way to add in patterns, soft patterns and textures are a great way to add personality to a room. Make sure it’s a pattern or design you have always loved, although smaller items of furniture can be easy to swap out, you want to invest in quality items that will last.

  1. Indigo Drop Plates – Nkuku* 2. Cleo Mindi Wood Mirror – Tikamoon 3. Ceren Peshtemal Throw – Wearth* 4. Jahi Brass Candlestick – Nkuku* 5. Flower Market Poster – Etsy* 6. Moss Green Linen Napkins – Wearth* 7. Lavendula Candle– Wearth* 8. Tisbury Chair – Sofa’s and Stuff

Bring in scents of spring with soy-based candles, this pott candle has a refill option, so you will always have a lovely ceramic pot to display your candles. Keeping warm brass ornaments such as candlesticks will help bring together your scheme.

I love to use springtime as a time to organise, sorting through all of the cupboards in my home. I make sure to get rid of all the junk I have held onto over the year and give everything a good clean.

If you also love spring, let me know your favourite way to keep your home feeling fresh. Comment below or tag me on Instagram @eliselashley

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Image 1 – Marie Designs

Image 2 – Rachel Parcell

Image 3 – Studio Mcgee

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