Style Edit: The Best Eco Friendly Bed For Your Home

You can’t beat a good night’s sleep! And a great bed is the best place to start to ensure you get it.

The bed is the main focal point of the design feature of your bedroom design, and the decision should factors in a few elements. Firstly you should consider the design style, is a style you which has always grabbed your attention? Does it fit in with the rest of the aesthetic of the room? Making a decision on the design is one to take extra time on. To make sure you get the longevity from your bed, pick a design you really love, that can work with multiple design you may choose for your bedroom.

The next big decision is comfort, and this is where I believe its important to invest in good quality items.

You should focus on investing in a quality bed which will stand the test of time, so many bed frames can start off comfortable, but don’t hold their shape and before long will cause you mattress to sag. If you mattress begins to sag, this will cause damage to it and over time will make it uncomfortable for you.
And lastly but equally important, is how your bed will effect your health. With current guidance over the fire retardancy of mattress and upholstered furniture, your bed needs to be fire retardant, subjecting it being sprayed with lots of chemicals. These chemicals are known to cause cancer and other health problems. Investing in an eco friendly bed means you can eliminate those nasty chemicals, brands such as the natural bed company, focus on using fabrics which are naturally fire retardant such as wool. Below I created a list where I have picked my favourite beds styles, from the best brands to get an eco friendly bed. I hope you find the bed of your dreams.

Style Edit eco friendly bed

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1 – The Prideaux Bed

2 – The Vanstone Bed



5 – Flat solid teak Bed 165×230 cm

6 – Livio metal Headboard 180 cm

7 – Bermondsey

8 – Rouen High End

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