How To Create Scandinavian Style For Your Home

Scandi Style

Scandinavian style is all about creating comfort in your home, pairing clean minimal design with layering materials and textures to create warmth.

Over the last few years, Scandinavian style has really taken hold in home interior trends, due to the focus on natural elements, Scandinavian design create a calming environment to escape to. Everything in a Scandinavian interior has a purpose, reducing clutter for a considered home style. Colour schemes are often light, featuring off warm whites tones bringing in eliminants of the natural world with light oak wood furniture and floors.

If you looking to create a Scandinavian design for your home, which focuses on eco friendly and sustainable furniture and accessories, then below I will show you how you can do this. With this dining room design, I have brought together the traditional light oak wood for the table with the contrasting black accent with the chairs and accessories. Again focusing on the natural elements such as the wicker for the light fitting and the ceramic crockery.

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Chairs – Ethnicraft

Table – Ethnicraft

Artwork – Nkuku*

Artwork – Nkuku*

Clock – Nkuku*

Lantern – Nkuku*

Pendant – Nkuku*

Console – Nkuku*

Mirror – Ethnicraft

Rug – Ethnicraft

Serving Bowls – Nkuku*

Vase – Nkuku*

If you want to incorporate the Scandi style with modern touches then try to bring in some bold darker features such as this panelling.

The lounge design brings in the modern slatted panelling to create interest with the off white walls, pairing with the natural tan leather. The furniture is mid century style with curved designs to soften the hard lines of the panelling design.

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Panelling – Wood Veneer Hub

Paint – Little Greene

Sofa – Ethnicraft

Arm Chair – Nkuku*

Arm Chair – Ethnicraft

Coffee Table – Nkuku*

Floor Lamp – Etsy*

Artwork – Etsy*

Rug – Nkuku*

Cushion 01 – Meggy and Me

Cushion 02 – Meggy and Me

Cushion 03 – Meggy and Me

Throw – Nkuku*


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