Bathroom Renovation

Round 2… So the bathroom has slowly become a bit dated over the years. It wasn’t overly offensive so I have been mulling over whether to paint it or not for over a year. In the end, I just decided to go for it. Before: As you can see, the before wasn’t the worst. ButContinue reading “Bathroom Renovation”


So with the events of the last year, it has highlighted not only the convenience of having a home office but the importance of it being an enjoyable space to work in not only so your colleagues will be ‘green with envy’ but because of the amount of time we end up spending there. IContinue reading “Office”

Easter dining table

Spring is my favourite season, well equal to Autumn! I love the sense of hope that summer is on the way, you can hear the birds singing and the flowers bloom. Growing up we would wake up to a bunch of daffodils and an Easter egg hunt. With this year being particularly difficult I haveContinue reading “Easter dining table”

2021 Interior Trends

Although I think it is important to develop your own interior style, it can be fun to get some inspiration from the current trends. You don’t have to absorb the trends in their entirety, in fact, I think it can be good to add your own personal twist onto it, but looking at what isContinue reading “2021 Interior Trends”

Making your home interior eco friendly!

So at the beginning of 2020, I set out with the goal to make more eco-friendly choices with my skincare and cleaning products. I knew these two areas needed some work, I had fallen into the trap of convenience and wanted to make a change. I had already come across a couple of websites suchContinue reading “Making your home interior eco friendly!”

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has it all, a great career, a lovely family, and this amazing house! I know that is a huge sweeping statement but you get my point! Designed by the Clements her home took 18 months to renovate, creating a better flow throughout and making it their perfect family home. And this beautiful houseContinue reading “Jessica Alba”

Christmas dining table styling

So this is the first year being home on our own, usually we go to our parents, and our first year of making an effort to style the table. I have spoken about it on before in a previous post but, I really believe that the best-styled homes come from growing a collection of accessoriesContinue reading “Christmas dining table styling”

Create this look!

This beautiful home is as beautiful as it’s owner, Ashley Tisdale. The colonial 1930’s home is located in the LA, California oozes a relaxed, eclectic vibe. She has sensitively renovated the home to create the perfect mix between modern and characterful, making the home feeling light, bright and spacious whilst carefully furnishing it with aContinue reading “Create this look!”