5 top tips to design a duel purpose room you need to know!

5 top tips to design a duel purpose room you need to know!

Over the last couple of years, our homes have taken on many roles. They have become our place of sanctuary, our place of work and our only place to socialise. And whilst life has started to return to normal, our homes have retained some of those roles. It's essential to make our homes effectively accommodate those roles. A great way to make sure our homes can include these new roles is to make the rooms in our homes multi-purpose. Below I will take you through the best ideas you need to make your home duel purpose whilst keeping it beautiful.

Use furniture to create defined space's

Using furniture is a great way to break space into 'zones'; those zones become areas with a task or purpose. Using furniture to create zones, allows the room to feel open, whilst giving you the ability to have more than one use of the space. A great example of this is creating an office within your living room or to have a lounge with a dining space, using your sofa to create your lounge area and leaving enough space for your desk or dining table.

Multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds has been around for years. But with the new demands on our homes, using furniture such as sofa beds allows our rooms to have more than one use, such as an office and guest bedroom. Including multi-functional furniture allows us to use each room for its intended furniture within each time it's required. For example; if you want a study and guest room, if you use it mostly as a study, then create the room around that. Design the room to have tables with lamps on either side of the sofa, when you want to use the room as a guest room it feels intentional.

Plan out your space

Planning out your space before you invest in furniture will help ensure you get the scale of your pieces right. Give yourself enough space to flow around the room so the space doesn't feel cluttered. Doing the is extra important when you are wanting to use the space for more than one use. Your room wants to feel well thought out so that each zone feels considered.

Accessorise with purpose

The accessories you include in your space can also be useful. Having a use for your accessories will keep your home feeling beautiful, whilst allowing you to store items for your needs. Having some open shelves in your kitchen to display your best crockery or creating a bar area to present your cocktail making kit is a great way to achieve this.

Get clever with design

The way you design your home can help create defined spaces, using a light paint finish and one flooring to make the room feel larger, then including a feature wall will allow you to create more defined zones within the space.

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