Get This Celebrity Style Look At Home

Get This Celebrity Style Look At Home

Ashley Tisdale has a history of having a great home interior, but during this home renovation, she decided to go it alone and design her home by herself.

She brought together her love of classic furniture designs, with the design features of the home, to create an interior which is bright and airy with warmth and comfort. Taking inspiration from Instagram, Ashley picked out each item individually, making sure she loved it before incorporating it into her home. Designing the house through the pandemic, Ashley brought together hints of mid-century mixed with natural finishes and materials to create calming neutral schemes.

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The playroom was a chance to bring in pops of colour, whilst keeping it practical with leather fabrics. The bright orange and colourful artwork posters paired with the calming natural materials such as the solid wood coffee table keep the room looking stylish, whilst still being a fun place for their family to spend time.

Inspired by Jupiter's fun punchy personality, Ashley decided to let the nursery evolve to create a fun and colourful space for baby Jupiter to grow and play. Adding in fun elements such as the macramé swing and ball pit, whilst including this stylish chair to sit and read.

Ashley Tisdale playroom celebrity style

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The layout of the lounge creates three defined areas, giving them three different zones to relax. The overall design for the lounge is a neutral scheme which allows the furniture and accessories to shine. Ashley was influenced to buy the property by the nature and trees around the home, keeping the design neutral, allows the nature from the outside come in.

Ashley Tisdale living room celebrity style

Coffee table - Erme Coffee table

Lounge Chair - Narwana Plain Leather Lounger

Corner sofa - Whitstable

Coffee Table - Mahogany Bomerang coffee table

*Rug - Salem Hemp Rug

*Throw - Kosumi Peak Throw

*Cushion - Mika Square Recycled Cushion

*Cushion - Mika Recycled Cushion

Little Greene Paint - Chocolate Brown

*Vase - Narpala Wide Decorative Pot

*Light fitting - Wicker Bamboo Lamp Shade



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The bedroom design focuses on pairing together the cool neutral tones with the contrast of the deep wood tones of the flooring and doors. Mixing in vintage furniture and accessories with the soft colour palette of terracotta and navy allows the room to have a bold edge whilst creating a warm soft space.

Ashley Tisdale Bedroom celebrity style
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