Japandi - Eco style must haves to create this look!

Japandi - Eco style must haves to create this look!

Japandi is a hot trend for 2020 incorporating Japanese and Scandi design, this trend is all about creating a calm interior. Using a neutral palette of beige and stone with sustainably sourced natural materials, Japandi brings together the beauty of the Japanese design and Scandinavian living.

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Japanese design follows 5 design principles, mostly focusing on the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life. Ma, Mono no Aware, Wabi, Sabi and Wabi Sabi focus on the beauty of natural, aged or rustic objects, embracing simplicity, learning to be comfortable with silence whilst creating spaces that are often multi-functional and create delight.

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The principles of Scandinavian design are similar, creating light and brights interiors, embracing nature and natural light whilst ensuring comfort and warmth. Emphasising on simplicity and clutter free spaces, not being afraid to leave spaces empty but also selectively accessorising homes with items that are not only aesthetic but practical and functional as well. Woods such as beech, ash and pine are a common material used within Scandinavian design, used for flooring, kitchens and furniture, it is kept in its natural state to give texture and warmth to a space. But not forgetting the importance of 'hygee' bringing in natural materials such as wool and sheepskin to bring warmth and comfort.

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Bringing together the essence from both design principals has created 2020's biggest interior trend of Japandi- both emphasise on minimalism and uncluttered space with functionality to create a timeless interior design.

Top tips to create Japandi:

GO FOR NEUTRAL- Use a neutral colour palette- Incorporate soft neutral tones along side natural wood tones to really create that calm environment. Don't be afraid to use all shades of wood from the light woods from Scandinavia to the deep walnut tones from Japan.

NATURAL MATERIALS - Along side the neutral colour scheme add natural materials such as silk and paper (used in Japan) with rattan and wool (used in Scandinavia).

BIOPHILIC DESIGN- You all now how much I love biophilia! For me it's the essential finishing touch, and its the perfect way to soften the Japandi look.

Paint - Thai Jasmine - from ££61.75, Lakeland Paints

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