Kitchen design trends 2024

Kitchen design trends 2024

Kitchen design trends 2024: What are they and are they worth taking note of? Well, the answer to that is its up to you if you incorporate them. Although certainly you can risk dating your kitchen if you don't look into what's trending, adding in every trend out there can also put you at risk of dating your kitchen. The truth is, the most important aspect of design is that it reflects your personality and what you love, so although trends can bring us a great source of inspiration, they are not always worth incorporating into our designs. When looking into design trends, if something brings you joy and you feel it will have longevity within your home, then it is certainly worth considering. With that being said, here are the kitchen design trends of 2024 I'm looking to incorporate in my kitchen design later this year.

Darker wood tones

I've always been a fan or darker wood tones, so I'm excited to see the darker wood tones coming into kitchen designs. Although I like most wood tones, for me the darker wood tones have a classic look, especially when they are on the traditional style of kitchen cabinetry.  If you have the natural light in your kitchen then go bold, due to the lighting in my kitchen I personally will be including darker wood tones on our cabinets at home but pairing them with a warm off white to keep the space bright.

dark wood kitchen design trends 2024


 Vivir Design a1000xbetter


Counter top cupboards

Counter top worktops are a great addition to our kitchens. Another great way to hide away your smaller appliences or just some additional storage. I love the traditional look and feel they bring to kitchen designs, but by painting the lack or

cupboards design trends 2024
 Lewis Alderson & Co Devol Kitchens



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Statement kitchen sink

I've alway been a fan of the traditional Belfast sink, the soft edges give it a classic look without being harsh. This year we are seeing this taken to a new level, with statement sinks becoming more popular,. Whether is copper, stainless steal or even marble, if you want to create a statement that will get people talking then this is the way to do it.

statement sink design trends


Officine Gullo  Rafe Churchill


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Another kitchen design trends for 2024 is a trends we have seen evolve, for years we have played it safe with a toned down Carrara marble or plain white worktop but over the last couple of years we have seen a resurgence of bold kitchen work tops. I personally love this look.

worktop kitchen design trends
Anthology Creatives Rina Lovko  christiane lemieux


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