Wallpaper Trends 2024

Wallpaper Trends 2024

As with all trends, wallpaper designs come and go. Choosing the right wallpaper design for your home can be overwhelming. As much as trends are a great way to find new and exciting patterns and textures for your home, it's important, especially when selecting wallpaper for it to be the right design for you and your home. For me personally, I love the floral designs and colour of Morris and Co * designs, and also the unique design of Cole and Son *. That being said here are the wallpaper trends for 2024 which have a timeless design, making them a great way to add a classic touch to your home.


Stripe are a classic design which are really versatile adding a classic or contemporary touch to your space, working well when paired with floral fabrics or plain fabrics. If you're looking for stripe wallpaper, there are various options available in terms of colours, styles, and patterns. Coming in many colour variations and widths, its important for you to find the style of stripe you want which will work best with the rest of the design for your room.

Stripe wallpaper

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Block print

Block print wallpaper often features patterns created using traditional block printing techniques. This type of wallpaper can bring a unique and handmade feel to your space. When searching for block print wallpaper, you may find a range of patterns inspired by various cultures and artistic traditions. Consider the colour scheme, scale of the print, and the overall aesthetic of your space when making your selection.

Block Print wallpaper

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Geometric wallpaper can add a modern and stylish touch to your space, and there are various patterns and styles to choose from. Whether you're interested in bold, vibrant designs or subtle, minimalist patterns, you can find geometric wallpaper that suits your taste. When selecting geometric wallpaper, think about the colour scheme, scale of the pattern, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Whether you prefer hexagons, triangles, or more intricate designs, there's likely a geometric wallpaper that will enhance the visual appeal of your room.

Geometric wallpaper

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Floral wallpaper can bring a touch of nature and elegance to your home, and there are countless options to suit various styles and preferences. When selecting floral wallpaper, consider factors such as the scale of the flowers, colour palette, and overall design. Whether you prefer a traditional floral pattern or a more modern interpretation, there's likely a floral wallpaper that can add a charming and visually appealing element to your room.

floral wallpaper

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