Eco Christmas Decoration Favourites

Looking for some eco Christmas decorations? then look no further. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, with all the twinkling lights, warm hot chocolates and the smell of the Christmas tree. But when looking around at the decorations on offer, it can feel overwhelming with the amount of waste. For me, I loveContinue reading “Eco Christmas Decoration Favourites”

My favourite eco candles you need to try!

I love a candle, whether it’s whilst I’m relaxing in the bath, or cosying up to watch a film. They make me feel so calm and relaxed and I love the different smells you can get. But once I found out the chemicals used in candle I was keen to switch to eco friendly alternatives.Continue reading “My favourite eco candles you need to try!”

The best eco skin care products you need to use

Back at the beginning of 2020 I wanted to make an effort to make my skin care routine more eco friendly. I have tried lots of products in that time, and although I’m still trailing some, I wanted to share some of the best products I have come across so far. Your skin is yourContinue reading “The best eco skin care products you need to use”

The best eco fashion items to get this spring

People tree 1.Anita Broderie Dress £129.99 2. Catrina Denim Skirt £69.00 3.V&A Margie Strappy Dress £135.00 4. V&A Izzy Wrap Dress £149.00 White stuff 1. UNA PLAIN JUMPER £55 2.BROOKE STRAIGHT CROP JEAN £45 3.MELODY ORGANIC COTTON SKIRT £55 4.FLORENCE DENIM DRESS £69 5. RUA JERSEY SHIRT DRESS £59 Thought Clothing 1. Amorette Tie WaistContinue reading “The best eco fashion items to get this spring”

Getting Inspired whilst you travel!

Where do you look for to inspire you, and your interiors? There are so many recourses now that are so accessible such as Pinterest, Instagram to magazines and books! And although I use all of these I also love to pick up ideas and inspiration when I’m out and about. Recently we book a weekendContinue reading “Getting Inspired whilst you travel!”

Making your home interior eco friendly!

So at the beginning of 2020, I set out with the goal to make more eco-friendly choices with my skincare and cleaning products. I knew these two areas needed some work, I had fallen into the trap of convenience and wanted to make a change. I had already come across a couple of websites suchContinue reading “Making your home interior eco friendly!”