Eco Christmas Decoration Favourites

Looking for some eco Christmas decorations? then look no further. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, with all the twinkling lights, warm hot chocolates and the smell of the Christmas tree. But when looking around at the decorations on offer, it can feel overwhelming with the amount of waste. For me, I loveContinue reading “Eco Christmas Decoration Favourites”

Style Edit: The Best Eco Friendly Bed For Your Home

You can’t beat a good night’s sleep! And a great bed is the best place to start to ensure you get it. The bed is the main focal point of the design feature of your bedroom design, and the decision should factors in a few elements. Firstly you should consider the design style, is aContinue reading “Style Edit: The Best Eco Friendly Bed For Your Home”

Spring Favourites That Make Us Happy

Spring is my favourite time of the year and a time I often think about switching things up at home. Some of my spring favourites include fresh flowers and bringing in some more vibrant colours. As you know, I love to share eco-friendly and ethical brands, today I am sharing my the things I’m lovingContinue reading “Spring Favourites That Make Us Happy”

My Spring Styling Favourites You Need To Know

Spring is my favourite time of the year, I love how it feels like the world is coming back to life. With all of the flowers and blossoms making an appearance, it always inspires me to make some changes inside too. A tip I picked up from my Mum, was to swap your accessories seasonally,Continue reading “My Spring Styling Favourites You Need To Know”

Eco friendly valentines gift guide

Valentines is a time of year that is either loved or hated. For me personally I love to give a little gift but in the last couple of years I have been more conscious of the environmental impact. Below are the places I love to go to get environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Etsy: EtsyContinue reading “Eco friendly valentines gift guide”

Gift guide

*This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I receive commissions for purchases made through those links, at no cost to you. If you’re looking for some last minutes gifts, and you want to buy something eco friendly, then check out my gift guides below. I use Etsy a lot, for gifts, homewares and even fashion.Continue reading “Gift guide”

August Favourites

Check out some of my eco favourites this month! I am surprisingly loving the moisturiser bar which I bought recently and will definitely picking up a few shell candles for my up coming hen do! And after a year of using the Up Circle body scrub I still absolutely LOVE this product and would highlyContinue reading “August Favourites”

Easter dining table

Spring is my favourite season, well equal to Autumn! I love the sense of hope that summer is on the way, you can hear the birds singing and the flowers bloom. Growing up we would wake up to a bunch of daffodils and an Easter egg hunt. With this year being particularly difficult I haveContinue reading “Easter dining table”