Celebrity style: How to create this look at home!

Adam levies 1930’s LA home that he shares with his wife and children is a homely setting filled with natural warm such as linen and natural woods. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with views of the ocean, the amazing Clements design worked to create a stripped back, natural colour paletteContinue reading “Celebrity style: How to create this look at home!”

The best ways to add character to your home

Are you looking to add character to your home? Then below are my best tips to include. Adding character can vary from installing panelling to modern fireplaces, but ultimately it’s about making your home reflect you and your style. As long as your home reflects your personality and the design style that you love, itContinue reading “The best ways to add character to your home”

Victory Colours: Review

Victory colours are a British paint brand, that creates virtually VOC free, solvent-free, durable and quality paint. I first came across the brand about a year ago and have been waiting for an excuse to give them a try. I have used other paint brands in the past with varying results, so before embarking onContinue reading “Victory Colours: Review”

Here are the 2022 living room trends you need to know

1. Statement Lighting Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your space, so it’s necessary to get it right. I love to incorporate a mixture of pendants and wall lights throughout the home, creating a statement with them can be fun! There are some incredible options out there, feature lighting doesn’t have toContinue reading “Here are the 2022 living room trends you need to know”

How to create your dream home

We all have a dream home, and they are all individual to us, built up over the years from homes, or buildings we have visited. To help you create your dream home, I have listed out some pointers to steer you in the right direction. Design on your home on the style you love theContinue reading “How to create your dream home”

Feeling Blue: A complete guide to blue colour schemes

With Bright skies being the Dulux colour of the year for 2022, I thought I would put together some schemes to show how you can use this throughout your home. The pale blue colour is a fresh tone that creates an open feel, paired with the contrast of the black, it create a light andContinue reading “Feeling Blue: A complete guide to blue colour schemes”

Shop the look!

Aston Kutcher and Mila Kunis. I absolutely love this house, for me its the perfect mixture of modern, country whilst also being bold and a bit moody. I personally love this mixture as it really ties in so many styles that I’m drawn to. They built the house sustainable house Below are the shopping linksContinue reading “Shop the look!”

Getting Inspired whilst you travel!

Where do you look for to inspire you, and your interiors? There are so many recourses now that are so accessible such as Pinterest, Instagram to magazines and books! And although I use all of these I also love to pick up ideas and inspiration when I’m out and about. Recently we book a weekendContinue reading “Getting Inspired whilst you travel!”