How to create your dream home interior

How to create your dream home interior

We all have a dream home interior, and they are all individual to us, built up over the years from homes, or buildings we have visited. To help you create your dream home interior, I have listed out some pointers to steer you in the right direction.

Design on your home on the style you love the most.

This is a really important, if not the most important design tip when creating your dream home. When designing your home, think about the style of property that always sparks that feeling of comfort and inspires you. Your home needs to reflect you and the things you love, so base the design of your home on those property styles that you have always admired. Once you have the basis of your schemes, you can add to it with different elements, perhaps you have always loved rustic cottage properties but want to give it a contemporary edge. It is also essential to think about the bigger picture, don't form one room in isolation, but think about how you want your home to flow. For me, my ultimate dream is to live in a period property, it will be very influential on the design of my next home, but I'm also inspired by natural elements such as limewash walls and wooden beams.

dream home interior - design style
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Mix old and new

Mixing old and new doesn't always have to mean going and getting vintage vase's and lamp bases, and it doesn't have to be upcycled either. It can be picking up a retro sideboard or a classic arm chair. Mixing in older items can bring character, whilst also being more eco friendly. Furniture designs are often based on classic designs so buying older furniture is not only better for your purse and the environment, but its usually better quality as well.

Dream home interior - old and new

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Accessorise with Purpose

Although it can be fun filling our homes with items we like, they usually become the first items that we go off. Less is more when it comes to accessorising our home environments, so make your accessories duel purpose. Style your shelves with books (that you will actually read), decanters, plants and ask yourself, if you wont use it in your home, or it doesn't hold sentimental value then do I want it?!

dream home interior - accessories with purpose
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Take your time with art

Art can be a difficult to get right, and I have certainly found it challenging at times. But following Jess at Goldisaneutral, I was surprised and comforted by her desire to wait for the right piece of art before filling her walls. It made me think about how many pictures I have put up because I wanted to finish a room, to only go off it a few months later because it wasn't 'right'. Focus on using artisans, purchasing one off pieces, rather than the high street store to create a more bespoke, high end feel.

dream home interior - take your time with art

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Plan your space

The way you set out your furniture can dramatically change the way a space feels. Furniture can divide a space up to make it multi functional, or create an inviting space so it's important to not only get it right but to know what you want to use the space for. Over the past 2 years there has been sharp rise in working from home and its clear now that the traditional office set up is a thing of the past, its important if you need to work from home, to set up a organised work space to help you be as productive as possible. See how I have taken a traditional lounge furniture layout and incorporated a desk home office area without compromising the integrity of the lounge area.

dream home interior - layout 1
Layout 1
dream home interior - layout 2
Layout 2

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